Lychee Lassi

Lychee Lassi started playing on the Berlin underground circuit in 1998. They have been performing live at the former Berlin squatter institution „Schokoladen“, the „Fete de la musique“ show after the headlining act in front of 9000 people and on Algerian TV in 2006. Their debut EP called „Speed“ was named „record of the month“ by the German TIP magazine.

Lychee Lassi went on to play gigs all over Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the UK at clubs, open airs, digital arts festivals and at neo-hippie raves. They have felt at home supporting the likes of Angie Reed, Seeed, the H-Blockxs and everything from puppets to breakdancers. Also they have performed an improvised live soundtrack to one of the few screenings of the underground movie „the KLF burn a million quid“ and did recording sessions with the likes of Killa Kela, Baatin (Slum Village) and Gordon Raphael of The Strokes fame.