Suture Soven 2018

HEARTHKaja Draksler (piano) Susana Santos Silva (trumpet)
Mette Rasmussen (alto sax) Ada Rave (tenor sax)

HEARTH (pronounced harth) is a newly formed quartet of four unique voices on their instruments: Kaja Draksler (Slovenia) on piano, Ada Rave (Argentina) on tenor, Mette Rasmussen (Denmark) sax alto sax and Susana Santos Silva (Portugal) on trumpet. They are all leaders of their own groups performing in the European arena and beyond. They weave a tapestry of musical textures, stretching boundaries in shifting landscapes, an evocative palette exploring serene hushes sounding murmurs to fiery explosives. These four musicians have embraced the unknown, the freedom to take unaccustomed directions in compelling ways, giving the listener refreshing musical experiences.
Music is the hearth of our being.