The Still

THE STILL – Rico Lee (guitar) Steve Heather (drums) Derek Shirley (bass)
Sunday / 20:30 / Barn

The Still is an international ensemble that operates from Berlin. The Australian drummer Steve Heather is perhaps best known in jazz cycling country for his work with reedist Tobias Delius and bassist Joe Williamson in Booklet. The new guitar trio features a Canadian bassist and a German on Guitar. They churn out hypnotic, minimalist, unhurried grooves. Guitarist Rico Lee (Rico Repotente) sounds like Gabor Szabo on acid. An immersive collision of captivating simplicity and fleeting subtle complexity, stretched over far reaching trajectories and patterned other-worldly planes, the Still delves steadily and unremittingly deeper into arrested time. Hypnotic and compelling, song-forms diluted by overtones and spellbinding resonance that melt together into a cyclical trance, promising no resolution.