Natalia Mateo

Natalia Mateo was born before the wall came down in Poland. Her father, a classical singer and voice type bass in the Warsaw Chamber Opera, would go on tours in the former West and spend his monthly salary on dinner in a restaurant, sometimes on LP records, mostly classical music or jazz. This not corresponding reality, painfully split between the West and the East will form an unstable basis, however deeply rooted in between parallel worlds. When she is four her family moves to Austra where her father is being employed by the Landestheater Linz. They hope for a normal life. Only later will it become very clear that those breaches, changes and partings are to become the most constant thing in the artist’s life. They will make the path towards music uneven and long, but will let themselves be heard in Mateo’s sound, compositions and arrangements. While being told that she would be to old for making music, she started studying Jazz vocals. Siggi Loch, the label founder of ACT, at any rate did not think she was too old. The cooperation would become an important step in her career as a musician. For two year now had she been living in the city of Berlin, one which is as much marked by the split between the former East and West as the artist herself. Full of contradictions, it is the city containing the most jazz musicians in Germany, but the least definable jazz scene. Mateo’s nearest future will focus on playing in Poland and cooperating with respected and admired musicians.