Lena Hessels

© Alma Teer & Shai Datauker

You might think that not much can be said about an 18-year old. And you might be wrong, as Lena Hessels‘ life has always been filled with music and travelling. Her father Terrie was a co-founder of The Ex nearly 40 years ago, and together with her parents, she visited Ethiopia many times and was always surrounded by musicians and other creative minds. Even at home in Wormer, near Amsterdam.

Rather than preparing herself to follow in her father’s footsteps, Lena decided to do things her own way. Her music might not resemble her father’s, but they do share a stubborn commitment and DIY-approach. Lena locked herself up in the attic room and a few weeks later came back out with a bunch of songs. Billow was born.

Eight striking songs that immediately show you Lena is more than a girl with a guitar. Varying instruments appear and disappear, colorful mood swings take place, awkward stories are told. From the start, she set out doing things her own way. The results are dreamy, feverish, moody, fresh, occasionally nightmarish but never bland.

Most importantly, it is not about what has already been done. It is about what’s taking place right now and about going forward, looking towards the future. It is about making plans and keeping evolving: playing concerts, soaking up impressions and turning them into new material. Lena has only just started and invites you, the curious listener, to join in on her sonic adventure.