Suture‘ means sewing. This is the idea we will be following on each and every level of our festival. Suture Soven Music Festival emerged out of the wish and the need to bring musicians and their audience together in a way that enhances deep listening and watching musical appearances that provide the potential for creating something new in a cheerful and caring atmosphere. We will watch and hear the beautifully radical positions and ideas of international musicians. In terms of musical style, we are situated at the intersection of jazz, free improvised music, classical modernism and new music.

The first Suture Soven Music Festival will take place in an old farm house in the countryside; the concerts will be held in the barn and in the attic of an old stable. By locating the genre defying music in the beautiful countryside of Lower Saxony (Wendland) we invite local people from the area as well as from the cities to make the connection between different worlds and points of views for three days in Suture Soven. We are striving to shape the surrounding area of the festival and make it as sustainable as possible, while working with local farmers and craftsmen. We offer a space and time that taps on an urge to create a sensual narrative. The music we listen to, the words we hear and speak, the food and drink we are provided with, in a setting that will be home to us for three summer days offer us the possibility of making sense.


The Musicfestival is happening on a former farm in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen, Wendland). It´s situated in a small village surrounded by fields and streams of water. The capacities of the farm and the surrounding nature are limited, so will be our tickets. Festivaltickets will be available in the  online Ticketshop, we will also sell individual tickets for each concert in case of availability right before the performances. We want to give you the possibilities to have the time to rest and to listen in a quiet, caring and homely atmosphere that is inviting to individuals, families, friends and neighbours.


The Village is located in the midst of the Elbe River Landscape biosphere reserve (Elbtalaue). Alluvial forests, creeks and meadows typically make for the image of the lush, wild nature of the Wendland. This is where Suture Soven will host international musicians and its visitors from 17th to 19th August 2018, in a big farm compound built of rich, red bricks. The stables and the outbuildings will then be transformed into concert halls and places where food and drinks are freshly prepared. Two stages provide space for a variety of sound experiences, meeting the needs of amplified and unamplified music. Soven is accessible by train and bicycle via public transportation from the train stations Dannenberg and Salzwedel. There will be opportunities to find carpools through the social networks.


We will have a campsite on the adjacent meadows and fields for the duration of the festival that is available for you for a fee of 5€ per person per night. Children up to 14 years are free of charge. Parking spaces for those making the journey from elsewhere complete the array of possibilities to spend time in Soven. Note that the pitches on the campsite are suitable for dry weather only. Nearby you will find small creek for bathing and cooling off. Note that the swim is at your own risk. In case of rain, camping vehicles must be parked in the parking lots of the festival. There are also plenty of mills, farms or small guesthouses in the area, which are renowned for their hospitality. The Wendland is home to numerous cultural events, so that there are plenty of accommodation possibilities available. The festival grounds have designated, unguarded parking spaces available to visitors during festival times.


Morning, noon, evening, night. We are committed to preparing something new to eat at any time, based on anything that grows, grazes or feeds in the area. Dining will take place in the courtyard and in case of rain, in the spacious barn of the festival area. Drinks, dishes, music and fresh food from the farm shop can be bought in Soven only in cash.The nearest ATM is five kilometers away in Dannenberg.


The festival and the adjoining campground will be open from: Friday, 17.8. from 1 pm to Monday 11 a.
On Monday, only the farm shop and the coffee bar will be open for visitors.


The tickets purchased on the internet will be swapped for ribbons at the entrance. These will be considered as tickets at the festival and must be presented when entering the site.
Children Music and children do belong together – also at our festival. Nevertheless, there will be loud music and boisterous, celebrating people. In any case, parents will be held accountable for their children’s deeds and responsible for them on the festival grounds.


The music festival Suture Soven welcomes all guests and friends of our genre defying music. This year, we have not yet managed to provide full accessibility to the site and to its sanitary facilities. This is why the entrance will be free of charge for people assisting disabled guests.

The nearest supermarket is in Dannenberg, at about 5 km distance. On the festival grounds, a small farm shop will meet the needs of everyday life.


Value means something different for everyone and in a special way. We cannot assume any liability for lost or lost items. If there are indications that things change their owner unintentionally, please report this at the information stand and refrain from intervening. At the information booth we set up a lost property office. Missing objects, lost and found, should be given the opportunity to return to its owner by means of the info stand.